Man and woman ride through the city with RegioRadStuttgart pedelec and cargo pedelec

The right bike for every ride

You have the choice. Whether a classic bike, a comfortable pedelec with electric assistance or a cargo pedelec for shopping and transporting children - with over 1,700 bikes, we offer the right vehicle for every occasion.

RegioRadStuttgart Pedelec leaning against the wall of a house

Our pedelec

RegioRadStuttgart Cargo Pedelec

Our cargo pedelec

Man transports flowers on RegioRadStuttgart cargo pedelec on the road

Our cargo pedelec

Many possibilities

You can rent 35 cargo pedelecs - electrically assisted cargo bikes - in Stuttgart and seven other cities in the region. With the cargo pedelecs you can transport a total of 60 kg - 15 kg on the luggage tray and up to 45 kg in the load box. Up to two children aged 2 to 7 years are allowed in the transport box - if they do not weigh more than 45 kg together and do not exceed a seat height of 59 cm. Please fasten the children with the adjustable straps!

You can check the battery charge level on the display on the handlebars and in the app before you ride. You can reserve the cargo pedelecs 45 minutes in advance free of charge.

The cargo pedelecs are available in Stuttgart as well as in Aalen, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Böblingen, Ditzingen, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Ludwigsburg and Nürtingen.

RegioRadStuttgart cargo pedelec on blue floor marking of the parking place

Home station for cargo pedelecs

The cargo pedelecs have a fixed home, which you can recognize by the blue floor marking of the parking place. On the back of the transport box and on the luggage tray you will find a notice indicating to which station the cargo bike belongs. Please return it there - if you return it to another station, we will charge you a service fee of 50 euros. There are two spare bikes, the Lastenbiene (No. 24173) and Lastenhummel (No. 24189). These do not have a permanent home as they are used flexibly. Please return them to your renting station.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the instruction manual before your first ride and go for a spin without a load. How does the cargo bike behave in curves? What is the braking behavior like?

RegioRadStuttgart Pedelec at a house facade

Our pedelec

Reach places on the slope with ease

The pedelecs offer you a flexible and fast mobility. The use is the same as with a bicycle. The big advantage: the practical motor support. The motor switches on automatically when you borrow it and offers great support on hills or for long distances. The fixed motor support adapts to your pedaling strength. So you can reach your destination comfortably and relaxed.

Tip: You can check the battery charge level on the display on the handlebars and in the app before you ride.

RegioRadStuttgart Bicycle parked in front of café on the street

Our bikes

An all-rounder for comfortable riding experiences

The bicycles are a real all-rounder. The saddles can be adjusted quickly and easily and are suitable for cyclists between 1.50 and 2 meters. The 7-speed gears allow you to ride smoothly. The black bell to turn you will find left on the handlebars. With the practical luggage tray you can transport up to 15 kg. The two luggage clamps help you to bring your handbag, backpack or briefcase safely from A to B. The light comes on automatically.

By the way: Our bikes are regularly serviced and checked for defects. Have you noticed a defect before you set off? Report it directly via app and use another bike.

Operating instructions

Please familiarize yourself with the instruction manual before your first ride on our classic bikes, pedelecs or cargo pedelecs.